Tea Party, Christianity
August 2011

Tea Party mentality reminds me of what has always concerned me about fundamentalist Christianity. Dictatorial, un-compromising religion or politics have no place in a democracy. Neither fits within humanitarian aspirations. That is why our wise and benevolent Founding Fathers created separation of church and state.

And now, in an effort to circumvent this important constitutional law, fundamentalists have created their own political party. I might add, you don’t have to be religious to espouse this form of anti-democracy. All you have to be is insecure and selfish. No one who cares about the future of Earth and mankind need apply.

It goes back to Armageddon/rapture, faith-based religious theory. If you have been told that the world is going end soon anyway, why not extract all you can, right now, from the Earth and all the other people on it? Fear of being left out of “heaven” makes people religious; fear of missing out on what “others” have makes people greedy. Both religious and political fundamentalism are greed- and fear-based ideologies.

How people vote often indicates their emotional state rather than their political or intellectual understanding. Remember, a pure democracy is the best form of government for the majority, and in most cases even you are in the majority.

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