Tax Cuts for Oil Companies
May 23rd 2011

The idea of capitalism holds power over many ordinary, average people who will never in their entire lifetime benefit from it. It verges on a mental illness—unattainable expectations.

These people believe that they must support the wealthy so that some day when they become rich themselves they will have those protections. The saddest expectation of the poor is that the wealthy might reach down and lift them up into riches. The rich do not help competition! There are only so many stalls in the executive bathroom.

The American Dream was a wonderful, achievable expectation, but it never promised that everyone would become rich, just comfortable. Of course, Ronald Reagan killed even that possibility during his presidency.

At this time in its history, the GOP is not of the people it is of the corporations. They have tilted the playing field. Free Enterprise is gone; it is Capitalism only and Capitalism is the new Feudal system. You are now just serfs working for the gentry.

Vote for a Republican; get ready to suffer. They do it every time; the history and documentation is there. Stop listening to Fox “news;” explore other sources of information and read the facts.

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