Selfishness and Altruism
November 17th, 2011

Selfish people do not understand altruism. They consider it weakness, but in truth, it is a form of strength that they will never possess. Sadly, with the capitalism that exists today, there are people who are dedicated only to their own bank accounts. They have no compassion for others who are not type A like themselves.

The core of the Occupy movement is committed to equality for all mankind. It’s called Free Enterprise, a level playing field. Sure, there are homeless and “street people” involved in the actions of Occupy, but then they are the ones who have been afflicted most by the greed of the 1%. The Greatest Generation is a misnomer; just look at what they have left us with! And now they won’t even let us fix it!

The Love Generation and younger generations are going to have to live with the legacy of greed. Please, those of you who are critical of “Occupy,” consider the future of mankind on this earth, and step aside for those who will be here after you exit.

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