Political Correctness Be Damned!
Written 11/1/08

Screw political correctness if it gets in the way of communication. How are we going to confront issues if we can’t use the words? Communication is humankind’s best creation, and it is what will, if that is possible, save humankind from itself.

I am a tolerant person by nature! Why else did I not go out and assassinate a few politicians in the last few years? I am tolerant in my actions, but in my words I am politically, drastically incorrect, as is my right according to my Constitutional freedom of speech.

And yet, although I am verbally uncontrollable, I would never, under any circumstances, purposely lie to someone, knowingly deceive them or omit facts that I know would prove me wrong. It is amazing how many people think that the Constitutional right of freedom of speech means that they have the right to lie!

When you tell the truth, political correctness be damned. When you’re lying, even if it is oh-so-polite, it is still a lie.

I have no mouth filter. I say what I think! But, on the other hand, my brain has no chastity belt. It hears everything that comes its way. You can lie to me, but don’t expect me to believe you. You cannot lie, even to yourself, in my presence without my disdain.

I am now welling up with indignation. There is a limit to my tolerance. When the pig with lipstick looks like a pig with lipstick and sounds like a pig with lipstick, but tells you it is a Polar bear with petroleum investments, it is still a pig, but it is now wearing expensive lipstick.

It's bad enough that the Republicans are lying to us, but what irks me most is that there are people stupid enough to think they are telling the truth. There, I said it…the stupid word. We’re not supposed to call people stupid, we are supposed to intimate that they are ignorant; but I have observed lately a thing I call self-imposed ignorance; it is basically stupidity. In this day and age with the massive amounts of media available, it is almost impossible to remain ignorant unless one tries very hard.

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