Pay Your Road and School Taxes
January 9th, 2012

It’s a new year; make a resolution to tell the rich and greedy how foul their actions are to all the rest of us. We need to explain to them that nobody really loves them because they are rich, yet many despise them for their greed.

This society should find ways to inform them that wanting the biggest yacht only means that they are insecure. Envy is a sick human emotion whether you are rich or poor.

We would respect you more if you paid your fair taxes in this free enterprise country that has made you rich. Give us back our libraries, schools and highways.

We know you don’t like public education because an ignorant populace is easier to indenture and sell worthless stuff to. You can pay to educate your children, and if roads get bad from lack of taxes, you can buy better cars for bumps.

We can’t wait to see you move to the South of France and leave us alone. Go ahead, congregate in your gated golf and yacht clubs and compete amongst yourselves for the gaudiest houses, biggest boats and most expensive nine irons, but please pay your taxes and get off our backs!

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