Occupy For Equality
November 17th, 2011

Over 34,000 people were killed in recent revolutions in North Africa. That will happen when people are economically ignored and disenfranchised by their “governments.” Is this what’s in store for the United States?

Our founding fathers made provisions for periodic, peaceful re-evaluation of governing laws. They did this so that greedy demigods would not be able to take advantage of the majority population and return us to a feudal system.

Our founders chose democracy because it is the best form of government for the largest number of people. The ability of a democracy to change peacefully is its advantage. Anarchy and war are disruptive to life. Our population has forgotten this because the last war on our soil was the Civil War in the 1860s.

It is not possible to sustain democracy unless our economic system is also democratic. Capitalism is not democratic; it’s like the feudal system we left the old country to escape. Free enterprise is what this country was based on. Remember usury and monopoly laws that protected the American dream? Capitalists have been changing the playing field so that all money flows to them.

Occupy peacefully to make your voice heard; vote radically to make it felt.

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