Tom Hanks “The Sixties” CNN #5
A Long March to Freedom, 6/26/14
The British Invasion,

The Tom Hanks’ production of “The Sixties” is an historic record of ten of the most vital and formative years of humankind.

The fifth and sixth episodes of this CNN original series on the 1960s are about, first, physical human freedoms and, secondly, the influence of the British music invasion on our country’s emotional freedom.

These two shows, A Long March to Freedom and The British Invasion, are perfect foils to show the good and the bad that clashed during the 1960s--the tragic, hopeful and heart wrenching struggle for civil rights, and then the joy and expectations brought by a new form of music coming back to us from the European cradle of our country.

Until the 1960s, power was held in the hands of a very few people--government, military or corporate--and it was used primarily to dominate people. In the ‘60s, music makers became powerful influences toward positive social changes, breaking down cultural barriers and empowering personal freedoms.

Gary Goetzman (HBO’s John Adams and The Pacific) of Playtone, Emmy award-winning producer Mark Herzog (History’s Gettysburg) and Tom Hanks have produced an historic document and repository of fabulous footage of our negative and positive heritage.

The media should not rationalize or even try to justify; their job is to chronicle the facts that may help explain the who, what, when, where, why and how of human existence.

CNN has explored the reasons for the Civil Rights Movement, indexed the events that framed it and showed the personalities that fought for and against it. This series also chronicles the successes, failures and aspirations of the minorities in America.

CNN’s portrayal of The British Invasion illuminates a bright spot in an era of struggles. Paul McCartney explained it all when he said they were seeking “power for good”!

John McCleary, author of The Hippie Dictionary

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