Tom Hanks “The Sixties” CNN #4
The War in Vietnam

This week CNN and Tom Hanks’ series “The Sixties” will look at The War in Vietnam.

This fourth episode of the original series will be shown starting June 19, 2014. In the opinion of many people—civilian, military and government—the Vietnam War was America’s Waterloo! It did not destroy us, but it destroyed our reputation abroad and created disenchantment at home.

In the sixties, the advances in media technology and more immediate news production gave the American public a more vivid, timely and shocking look at war and all its tragedy. Faith in our government was shaken, as one blunder after another was revealed to us on our living room TV sets in a way that we could not deny.

The producers, Gary Goetzman (HBO’s John Adams and The Pacific), Emmy award-winner Mark Herzog (History’s Gettysburg) and Tom Hanks, have exposed the raw and controversial aspects of politics during “The Sixties.”

This CNN original series on “The Sixties” is an important source of history that could definitely help us in our diplomatic and economic choices in the future if we look back, see and listen to the mistakes we made.

John McCleary, author of The Hippie Dictionary

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