Tom Hanks “The Sixties” CNN #2

The Tom Hanks’ production of “The Sixties” original series is proving to be the most informative history of that pivotal time.

The second episode, entitled The World on the Brink, will be shown on June 5, 2014. I have seen a preview DVD of the program, and I am impressed with the historic, new-to-me footage from deep archives and never before heard White House tapes.

The years 1960 through 1963 were monumental times with moments of brinkmanship that set the rules of the Cold War and possibly saved mankind from extinction.

For all those who lived during that time, just as we remember where we were when John Kennedy was shot, we remember the outrage at the Berlin Wall and the sighs of relief we felt as the Russian ships turned back during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Vietnam War stripped the shroud of innocence from the eyes of many patriots and protesters. The death of our president became the first in a long list of dead. The fear of The Bomb persisted, and psychedelic futures beckoned.

Gary Goetzman (HBO’s John Adams and The Pacific) of Playtone, Emmy award-winning producer Mark Herzog (History’s Gettysburg) and Tom Hanks have produced a valuable documentary, not for just nostalgia’s sake, but as a glimpse of history that we should not repeat.

Tom Hanks and his collogues have found the poignant facts and most enlightening guest commentators to flesh out the story, making the drama understandable. You should look in on this superb CNN Television experience!

John McCleary, author of The Hippie Dictionary

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