Excerpts from the soon-to-be-published book, Common Sense Again, by John McCleary

  • Capitalism Is The New Feudalism!
  • Capitalism Is Not A Democratic Form Of Economy! So, Why Do We Allow It In America?
  • Materialism Is The Common Man’s Worst Addiction!
  • The Hippies Were Right…About Everything!

Until the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States were written, all other governments before were created as a way to control people and resources under the power of a few leaders or kings. The idea of American Democracy was a unique and inspired concept.

Giving the populous control over their own lives and a role in their own governing was genius, not merely as a benevolent concept, but as a practical solution to the continual conflicts and wars that had raged for millennia over man’s basic desire to be free. Here was the true answer to human rebellion. Give mankind no reason to rebel. Give mankind its Freedom.

Sadly, the natural evolution of mankind will always slowly slip toward economic and military dictatorship. This is true because the strongest and greediest will always gravitate to the top of government because of their desire for power and money. Without a population-friendly government, with laws that protect the poor and weak, both business and government will eventually exploit the majority economically.

Observing the problems of all other forms of Government before 1776, our Founding Fathers created in our Constitution and Bill of Rights a balance of Freedom and Democracy. They also built in reasonable restraints and checks and balances for the government, all based on personal responsibility.

In order to keep faith with our Founding Fathers and to protect our perfect government by majority, we need to preserve our democratic election process and ensure a free and diverse news and information media. We also have to be sure that our judges adhere to the laws of the land and common sense rather than the influences of religious doctrine, superstition or economic pressures.

The true genius behind the creation of our Economy and Government was the way our Founding Fathers designed it by joining opposites together to form a mutually reliant union. Our Founding Fathers instinctively knew that, to create a country that would last, they needed the cooperation of both the Liberal working class and the Conservative business class. They realized that the dominance of either class would continually create revolution or anarchy, over and over again as history had proven.

People need to know that they have some control of their future. If they are given no opportunity to ease their struggle or to improve themselves, they will rebel.

Knowing the basic instinct of human beings--the drive for individuality and Freedom, Democracy was chosen to give everyone an investment in their future. The promise of Free Enterprise, together with checks and balances to protect the working class, were designed to make it possible for anyone of any birth to prosper financially and ascend to leadership.

Incentive to maintain the Union for the benefit of yourself and the benefit of all others, that is the glue that created the American Dream. The writers and framers of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were employing an astute knowledge of basic human nature to create a Nation that would work together to maintain itself.

These men were creating a work of art for the future of mankind, and they knew it. They were not just reacting to the first visceral dimension of self-preservation; they were considering the destiny of human beings.

Our founders knew that, as long as there was a monarchy, feudal system, dictatorship or economic tyranny hanging over the population, there would always be social unrest. No one would be able to find true peace and comfort. Even those who thought they were in control, even the tyrants, could have no tranquility. History had already proven that over and over again.

Our founders realized that humans needed to govern themselves in order to be satisfied and at peace. The human being is different than most other animals, which accept their fate in nature. Humans will always lash out to gain control of their own destiny. With ideas that transcended their own lifetime, our Founding Fathers conceived a form of self-government, which, if followed through to its ultimate, would lead humankind into paradise, self-satisfaction and Peace.

Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison and Adams astutely realized that an independent man was not automatically an undisciplined or unscrupulous man. These deep thinkers knew that Freedom and security were the ways to unbind man from his selfish fears of personal preservation and to help him progress toward unity, cooperation and preservation of a nations high ideals. The United States was born of the ideal of freedom.


The dream has been unraveling slowly ever since the business class forgot the basic truth that to maintain a harmonious and tranquil society, the working class must feel free and must believe that it has a true opportunity to prosper from its labors. At this point in time Capitalism has shattered those dreams.

Thomas Paine:

Because of a long and violent abuse of power, Capitalism has finally revealed itself as an oppressor of the people of this country and thus it has given us the excuse and the opportunity to reject it. The problem is that Capitalism has been helped and allowed to reach this level of corruption by our own Government, which was originally created to halt this kind of abuse.

Separation of Church and State has been an important element of our Democracy since the beginning. Now it is a necessary that we separate Business and State.

Our incredibly intelligent Founding Fathers realized that religious faith suspends all adherences to reality and common sense. They knew intellectually that a government based on democracy and tolerance toward diversity could not survive being influenced by the selfishness and bigotry inherent in most organized religions.

Our Founding Fathers insisted on separation of Church and State. What they didn’t expect were the problems that would arise with the association of Business and State.

Religion they knew created selfishness and bigotry. They forgot that business and the greed it contains also breed selfishness and bigotry. Both religion and business have an insidious habit of producing an unnatural desire for power within people.

The two major reasons for immigrating to the Americas were to escape religious intolerance and to break away from economic dominance, feudalism and enforced poverty. Our Founding Fathers stipulated that religion must not have influence over our governing and lives. They made one mistake. They should also have banned greedy business people from places of power in our government.

The oppression that threatened Thomas Paine’s America was ended by our War of Independence and the writing of our Constitution. However, slowly but surely, over the last 300 years a new threat to Freedom and justice has been growing. Capitalism has taken the place of the King of England and its Parliament. The colonists rebelled against King George; it is time for us to rebel against Capitalism.

Throughout the past 200 years many laws protecting the majority from unscrupulous business practices and laws promoting unscrupulous business practices have been enacted, debated, revised, reversed and dismantled. Slowly but surely, through legal, congressional and judicial changes to our laws, the balance of power has finally shifted over in favor of those who indulge in unscrupulous business practices.

We are not the same Free Enterprise Democracy we once were. Today when a businessman says, “I did nothing illegal,” he may technically be speaking the truth. His actions may not be illegal due to changes in our system, but are they ethical, or are they moral? And do they follow the letter of the law and Constitution as created by our forefathers? Often the answer is no!

Our present Government in America is run by businessmen, for the benefit of businessmen. Where does that leave all the rest of us who are not so economically competitive and who are concerned primarily with leading a good, clean life of liberty and the pursuit of simple happiness?

Capitalism is the new Feudalism! Feudalism and feudal tyrants are the reason most colonists and immigrants left the Old Country to find new homes in America. The problem is that the tyrants and feudal lords, in search of new people to subjugate and land to conquer, arrived on the second boat to America.

Capitalism is not a democratic form of economy! Why do we allow it in America? Most Americans do not know that Free Enterprise, not Capitalism, was the economic foundation upon which our Founding Fathers built this country. Capitalism as we know it is only 150 old. Free Enterprise provides a level playing field for all. Capitalism benefits those who are already wealthy, and they are continually changing the rules so that it is even more to their advantage.

If you’re not fed up with this planned obsolescent economy today, then you must be one of the thieves involved in it.

Capitalists care only about themselves and their own kind. And believe me, you could never be their kind, even if you wanted to. They won’t let you. There are only a limited number of stalls in the executive bathroom.

In order to be a real capitalist, you have to have millions of dollars invested, which you never touch, earning millions of dollars for you to play with. You also would most likely have had to lie, cheat and steal to get there. Are you willing to do that?

You must realize that you are only hurting yourself when voting for a capitalist or his political ally! They will not reach down to help you up, for then you would become their competition.

Materialism is the common man’s worst addiction. The fabric of human society began to tear the moment the first person went to work for someone else. It is now realized by all those who have a brain that the hippies were right all along...about everything!

Most of you folks out there will listen to a stockbroker who makes half a million a year by influencing your decisions, but you won’t listen to a liberal, intellectual, tree hugger who doesn’t make a dime on your choices. Which one of these two people really has your best interests at heart?

Originally written by JMc in 2001-02.

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