A Snake That Eats Its Own Tail
May 8th 2009
Excerpt from a future article

Some people say that the whole world is driven by the American economy. True, to a point. But first I must say that the real driver is American capitalism and our consumer materialism. Add to that the US advertising industry pushing false prosperity around the world, and you will see that the direction in which our economy is driving the world is over the edge of a deep chasm.

What should be driving the world’s economy are people’s necessities and a little extra for entertainment. The American dream was not to reach gluttony, but that is what it has become, and we have infected the rest of the world.

What capitalists don’t realize, and I hope they are ignorant and not just callous, is that their money-religion has corrupted the world’s natural economic equality, and is polluting the morality of mankind as well as the ecosystem of the world. Wow, what a trifecta of crimes!

The balance of world economy comes down to an ancient Greek morality that states: “All business deals should be equitable to both parties.” And I add: “Or else they are just common robbery.”

What capitalists did not foresee was the day when their avarice for more profits would finally milk the working class dry of money to buy the products and pay the mortgage. This is what has happened in America.

In the past, capitalists have banked on consumers from other countries. But then what happens when all the capitalists in the world have banded together and milked dry all the customers and workers of the world? Is this what is happening now?

I find it an odd twist of fate that the global economy most American capitalists desire also leaves these capitalists vulnerable to global economic downturns. It works to the American industries’ favor to forsake their own American workers and market, if they have a market, in another part of the world. But, if the economy of the world is tied together, and capitalism is doing the same in all countries, then the economy will dry up everywhere.

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