A Global Group Hug
May 8th, 2009
Excerpt from a future article

At no time in the history of humankind has it been more important for all of us to join together for mutual benefit… or, actually, for survival itself. Not since Homo sapiens were a small tribe, banding together to fight-off saber-toothed tigers and hunt mammoths for sustenance, have we been more in danger of extinction.

Today, an us-against-them mentality is perpetrated by the capitalist ego and Christian work ethic. This might be appropriate in a world where our only contract with other tribes was an occasional battle over food or mates, but not today when we are affected by the trials and troubles of every other country. Economies, wars, diseases and famine anywhere in the world cause ripples that reach us. Our market catches a cold if another country’s economy sneezes. And it goes both ways.

This present worldwide economic meltdown should teach us something about our vulnerability to economic problems elsewhere in the world. It is a dangerous mistake to continue to promote our own economic, political and social sovereignty.

Most American Capitalists are economically international. They benefit from a Global economy, whereas the American worker does not. Aside from cheap foreign goods, which most often break before their time, the American consumer gets little benefit from the world economy as it stands today.

We need a realistic, democratic free trade and employment agreement throughout the world.

I’m not talking about a “NFTA” that benefits big business and screws workers or favors one country and hurts another. We, in this world, have to start thinking and acting globally. We must stop looking at other people of the world merely as customers or workforce, and begin thinking of them as brothers and sisters in the same house–this world! The world’s human population growth has created a crowed and polluted earth that is becoming more endangered everyday. This overpopulation means we are influenced and affected by the activities of more and more people all the time.

We can’t ignore other cultures anymore. We should have also learned by now that we cannot change other cultures. Short of killing them all, I guess we are going to have to find some way to live peacefully with everyone else. So let’s talk!

The growth of governments and society, and their involvement in our lives, is directly related to the increase in world population. When the human population was smaller, we lived in small family groups and then tribes, clans, villages, states, and on to countries as our populations and common needs grew. It is natural to band together into larger, mutually beneficial groups. The European Union has done it; soon, a World government will be necessary.

We should begin now to think of the sovereignty of the world. Soon, it will become mandated by the problems that we have ignored for so long.

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